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The TimeTrends Product Line

TimeTrends® Forecasting System TimeTrends® Forecasting System

ALT-C Systems' flagship software offering, the TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse provides an intuitive, technologically robust forecasting process that is specifically tailored to each company's unique business needs. With TimeTrends you can easily combine qualitative forecasts coming from the Web via TimeTrends e−Forecasting with system-generated statistical forecasts. Demand history and other information is automatically transferred from your MRP/ERP system. A dedicated Promotions Manager module is also available to manage product promotions and other events. Forecast top-down or bottom-up with as many hierarchical views as you like, each with as many levels as needed. Efficiently manage the entire forecast process through configurable exceptions that may be defined on a user-by-product basis to focus planners on what is important to your business' bottom line.

TimeTrends interfaces seamlessly with these systems:

TimeTrends® is a product of ALT-C Systems Inc.

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