TimeTrends e−Forecasting Module

ALT-C Systems' flagship software offering, the TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse provides an intuitive, technologically robust forecasting process that is specifically tailored to each company's unique business needs. With TimeTrends you can easily combine qualitative forecasts coming from the Web with system-generated statistical forecasts. Demand history and other information is automatically transferred from your MRP/ERP system. A dedicated Promotions Manager module is also available to manage product promotions and other events. Forecast top-down or bottom-up with as many hierarchical views as you like, each with as many levels as needed. Efficiently manage the entire forecast process through configurable exceptions that may be defined on a user-by-product basis to focus planners on what is important to your business' bottom line.

TimeTrends® e-Forecasting and Promotions Manager

The TimeTrends® e−Forecasting module enables remote users to interact with the TimeTrends forecast database using any Internet connection. Its features include:

Access from anywhere via the Internet

Designed for Sales Force Automation environments to allow Sales and Marketing and other remote users to interact with the forecast database from the field or the customer site. It is a standard browser interface designed to work with most hardware. No software is required on the client machine other than the Windows operating system and a browser to log onto the user company's corporate Intranet Web server address (http:, ftp:, etc.).

Always your choice of server solution

Fexible solution requiring an Internet server running either a choice of either Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) or Apache (Linux) web servers. Client machines require a minimum of Windows 98.

Use existing server

The remote user establishes a connection using their existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) and then opens a browser.

Complete security - uses your own Intranet

The user requires a password to obtain the security clearance as determined by your network administrator. Your existing server handles network security installation, firewall and control mechanisms.

Customized setup

The Web Forecast module allows querying the database for specific records, whether item/customer, item/geography, or other, depending on the exact nature of the TimeTrends database setup. The selection criteria can be customized, as a multi-parameter search or as a hierarchical drill down structure.

Complex computation made easy

Data is displayed in an intuitive spreadsheet format, with multiple years’ history, plus system-suggested forecast and company budget or other fields. Sub-totals and grand totals allow an easy overview of the impact of a forecast. The user can easily edit the forecast and percent changes suggested by the system, and can toggle between units and dollars.

Versatile and multi-facetted

Changed forecasts are resubmitted to the server via the Internet, whereupon the user can choose to review another item. The client view can be customized to modify the fields that define a unique item, such as a combination of item, customer, sales representative, manager, geography, or other attribute.

Reports generated and delivered easily

Reports can be generated using standard report writing tools for on-screen viewing purposes, or for later delivery via e-mail.

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TimeTrends® is a product of ALT-C Systems Inc.

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