Automated ABC Ranking Utility

ABC Ranking is a means of assigning importance to Items so that users can focus on the exceptional Items that require their attention, rather than on the approximately 80% of Items that require no special management. In regular practice, recalculation of the ABC Ranking of SKU Items is done, at most, two or three times a year.

You can use the TimeTrends Automatic ABC Ranking utility to differentiate your best performers from "the rest". You can base this judgement either solely upon each individual Item's values (Item Values Set Ranking), or upon an Item's value in relation to the other Items in the database (Ordered Item Count Sets Ranking). You can use the TimeTrends Automated ABC Ranking utility to reset both the default and user-added ABC Ranking fields of hundreds of Items at a time, based on an Item filter, a date range, and "A", "B", and "C" percentage targets that you provide. The utility supports additional ranking fields that database administrators can define in a database, such as RankGrossMargin, Dollar_Rank, and so on.

You can calculate and store more than a single ABC Ranking field such that different ABC calculations can be applied to various forecasting operations. For example, you might want to see what the resulting Safety Stock requirements would be, based on measures like Standard Cost, List Price, Gross Margin or Sales Contribution. See also: DRP: Safety Stock, Consumption.

Portion of the TimeTrends Automatic ABC Ranking Utility controls:

Portion of ABC Ranking Utility controls


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