Our Customer Committment

Although our TimeTrends products are second to none, the value of the "ALT-C Systems Solution" is equally reflected in its highly qualified human resources. Their exposure to a wide array of industries and their extensive experience in development, customer needs evaluation, implementation, and ongoing IT trouble shooting, ensures a potential customer of a comprehensive professional relationship. It is this combination of Quality Products and Qualified Professionals, which has produced TimeTrends' success.

Our approach in offering the "ALT-C Total Solution" can be viewed in the following manner:

Pre-Sale Support

From the initial contact to the implementation stage, our objective is to actively assist the client to identify and formulate their forecasting and management systems requirements. Whether your corporate needs require a "full blown" implementation or a "phased-in" application of TimeTrends, our commitment is the same. Our objective is to tailor the forecasting process to meet your present and specific day-to-day needs, knowing that the flexibility of TimeTrends will permit you to meet the ever-changing dynamics of your future business environment.

Implementation and Training Phase

This crucial phase of the project is a methodical, rigorous, and collaborative process ensuring the seamless integration of TimeTrends into the client's IT infrastructure and management information systems. Our implementation strategy is as follows:

  1. Work with the Customer to define their forecasting strategy: What needs to be forecasted, at what level, and how often. Understand the needs of the consumers of the forecast (both human and electronic).
  2. Work with the Customer to extract and validate the source data required to support Step 1.
  3. Create the database and the tools needed to automate the redundant tasks within the forecasting process, so as to allow the users to focus on managing only the exceptions.
  4. Ensure that the Customer understands TimeTrends to the level at which they feel comfortable through training, validation and defined acceptance procedures.
  5. Turn control of TimeTrends over to the Customer and move into the Post Sale Support phase.

Post Sale Support

Our Post Sale Support program / philosophy was conceived to provide on-going support and counsel to our customers. Certain elements of the program are formalized while others are informal and flexible, to meet specific customer needs.

Software Services and Support Agreement:
Software Services and Support represent 2 separate-yet-related services: The first entitles the customer to ongoing maintenance of the software such as new releases and bug fixes (free of charge), as they become available. The second service is a help desk that responds to specific inquiries from the customer, either about functionality in the application or questions with respect to their specific implementation. The help line is manned between 8:30 am and 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday inclusive. The Software Services and Support Agreement defines the terms and conditions of these two crucial services.

Product / Project Documentation:
Included with TimeTrends is a very extensive, context-sensitive on-line help system, and complete documentation for the software, inclusing tutorials. Additionally, a Project Definition Document and Process Documentation outlining the specifics of the implementation are provided to ensure continuity within your organization.

Optimization of TimeTrends Features:
This addresses the informal aspect of our Post Sales Support philosophy. It involves the exploration of TimeTrends' features that were not necessarily initially implemented. As TimeTrends becomes part of the normal management system, and the client benefits from its implementation, there is normally an interest in exploring additional features of TimeTrends. Depending upon the customer's requirements, the investigation can be either structured, with specific review dates or on an as-needed basis.

Post Training and Familiarization:
This informal element of our Post Sale Support program came into being as a result of customer requests. Due to turnover and / or promotions within the organization, there was a need to train new users or administrators. Customers have found this to be an effective and efficient approach in maintaining the necessary continuity in their forecasting process. These in-house training sessions have also provided the opportunity for other personnel to familiarize themselves with the diverse array of TimeTrends features, thus promoting its optimal utilization.

Software Escrow Service:
ALT-C Systems makes a software escrow service available to our customers through DSI Technology Escrow Services. Complete source code for TimeTrends is deposited with DSI so that, in the event of some unfortunate circumstance, subscribers to the escrow services will be granted access to these sources. The escrow arrangement is entered into directly between the customer and DSI and the current annual cost of this subscription is $650.00US. You are therefore assured that you will always have the ability to maintain your TimeTrends installation.


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