New Version of TimeTrends® Forecast Warehouse Software Further Improves Ease-of-Use and Automation

Already a benchmark for flexibility and ease-of-use, TimeTrends 5.0’s enhanced capabilities continues to facilitate and automate the forecasting and planning process and greatly improves productivity.

Montreal, Quebec, October 1, 2004

ALT-C Systems Inc. announces the general availability of Version 5.0 of its TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse - a comprehensive, automated, Windows-based, forecasting and demand management software system. TimeTrends 5.0 features a number of new enhancements and capabilities that have been added to an already comprehensive list of tools to easily create, display, forecast and understand time series demand data for products in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Highlights include a configurable, automated ABC ranking module, extended Forecasting, Aggregation Hierarchy and Graphing functionality, additions to the already extensive batch scripting and redundant task automation feature as well as an innovative new feature, Time Aggregation.

Automated ABC Ranking Module

The new TimeTrends Automatic ABC Ranking utility differentiates best performing items from “the rest” in an automated “batch” fashion. This judgement can be based either solely upon each individual Item's values or upon an Item's value in relation to the other Items in the forecast database. The Automatic ABC Ranking utility supports as many additional ranking fields as needed, such as RankGrossMargin, Dollar_Rank, and those fields can be independently locked to eliminate subsequent human error. Seamlessly integrated into the Forecast Warehouse, the ABC Ranking utility is an easy to use, configurable addition to TimeTrends vast array of productivity enhancing tools.

Forecasting, Aggregation and Graphing Enhancements

TimeTrends 5.0 now supports a virtually unlimited number of user-definable, custom forecast columns. This greatly expanded flexibility allows the forecaster to both track and forecast any number of discrete data streams relating to a product’s performance. Improvements to TimeTrends’ already market-leading Aggregation technology further automate hierarchical maintenance through automatic re-aggregation of subordinate levels and automatic re-forecasting of the aggregate items. The ability to force down aggregate modifications has also been extended to include all of the unlimited number of forecastable columns. TimeTrends’ integrated Query and Graph capabilities have also been expanded to offer the forecaster an even more comprehensive array of forecast management tools.

More Control Over Automated Batch Scripting

The automated Batch Scripting feature of TimeTrends 5.0 allows the forecaster to schedule and run selected operations from a Windows command line. It features a command list for unattended (and invisible) processing, with the possibility of logging multiple levels of errors to eliminate the need for user intervention. Forecasts, Queries, and TimeTrends’ user-defined Tools can be run and Aggregations can be re-aggregated, re-forecasted or forced down in a controlled, repeatable manner while freeing the forecaster for more important activities.

Time Aggregation – A Better Mousetrap

The major new development in TimeTrends 5.0 is a feature that allows users to view their data as if it were formatted as another data type. Monthly forecasters can now also view their data as weekly, 13-period, quarterly or annual, on the fly, simply by clicking a toolbar button. Integrated into this new feature are calendars that contain the information to correlate the various data type periods to one another and to the actual dates in a year. Forecasters can create, modify, extend and select from an unlimited number of these calendars that also include an integrated capability to specify weekend and holiday work amount values for efficient export to downstream scheduling processes. The power of TimeTrends’ Time Aggregation is exemplified by, for example, monthly forecasters who, at the touch of a button, can instantly create baseline Annual or Quarterly Budget Forecasts.

About the TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse

The TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse features a highly intuitive user interface, as well as a great degree of flexibility that enables users to customize the system to their requirements. In addition, an unlimited number of hierarchies, each with unlimited levels, enable users to view the data from their preferred perspective, in the units of measure of their choice. TimeTrends also features a powerful built-in querying capability that enables forecast “management by exception” to help the user focus on the forecasted items that require immediate attention. TimeTrends runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP and can be easily integrated into any existing management system (SCP, MRP, ERP) through industry standard Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) or custom interfaces.

The TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse is the main component of ALT-C’s TimeTrends Forecasting System. The system also includes an optional TimeTrends e-Forecasting module — designed for Sales Force Automation and Collaborative Forecasting environments, and an optional Promotions Manager module — designed to facilitate managing the forecasting process when the effect of promotional activity is the most significant aspect of demand.

Pricing and Availability

TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse Version 5.0 is currently available directly from ALT-C, and through its reseller network. Pricing for the TimeTrends Forecasting System varies based on the number of licensed users and modules required with turnkey solutions starting under $40,000.

About ALT-C Systems Inc.

Founded in 1992, ALT-C Systems Inc. is a leader in developing advanced business forecasting software systems for mission-critical manufacturing, distribution and sales force automation environments. The company is dedicated to providing a technologically robust business forecasting solution that enables companies to create a comprehensive forecasting process - including statistical, market-driven, collaborative and S&OP - that is specifically tailored to their unique business needs. ALT-C's TimeTrends® Forecasting System is today setting new industry standards in ease-of-use, versatility and open systems-compliant data management and processing architecture, and is in use in many industries including automotive, beverage, chemical, consumer goods, electronics, food, pharmaceutical and more. ALT-C distributes its products via a direct sales force as well as an international network of Value Added Resellers (VARs).

For more information about ALT-C Systems or its products, contact the company at:

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