TimeTrends® 4.0 Forecast Warehouse Software Redefines Flexibility and Ease-of-Use

New options and capabilities further enhance forecasting and data analysis capabilities while reducing technical demands on forecast administrators.

Montreal, Quebec, October 29, 2001

ALT−C Systems Inc. announces the availability of the TimeTrends® Forecast Warehouse, version 4.0 - a powerful desktop application for forecast creation and management in manufacturing and distribution. TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse 4.0 now adds more options and capabilities to an already comprehensive list of tools in order to continue facilitating and automating the forecasting and planning process for users and administrators. New features include parameterized queries, graphing of queries, Oracle database support, direct database access, and ad-hoc database creation.

"TimeTrends has become renowned for its unequalled flexibility and ease-of-use in creating, displaying, forecasting and understanding demand data," said Dennis Christman, President of ALT−C Systems. "TimeTrends 4.0 demonstrates our long-standing commitment to continuously enhance these attributes for the forecaster, while reducing the technical demand on IT and forecast administrators."

Additional Analysis Capabilities

TimeTrends now enables users to more easily focus their forecast exception analysis using Parameterized Queries. Any query stored within the Forecast Warehouse can now be made to prompt the user for parameters that can limit the scope of the result set to data that is important to the current analysis. In addition, TimeTrends now enables Graphing of Queries to provide users with additional visual analysis of their query results. Users can select fields from query result sets and generate either a Line Graph, Bar Chart, Scatter Graph or Pie Chart. These new features, while dramatically improving forecast exception analysis, also virtually eliminate the need for technical assistance.

Expanded DBMS Support

In addition to existing support for Microsoft Access and SQL Server, TimeTrends now supports Oracle databases through the appropriate ODBC desktop drivers. Support for additional databases is currently under consideration based on customer demand. Other new capabilities include direct and transparent user access to Microsoft Access databases eliminating the need to set up an ODBC connection for each individual database. This reduces administrative overhead and facilitates trial forecasting. TimeTrends now enables users to easily create ad-hoc databases in order to manipulate and analyze real or hypothetical data without compromising actual corporate information. These databases can, for instance, be used to test new product launch ideas, or as a forecasting learning tool for new users. TimeTrends will automatically construct a complete, empty database of the required format for any of the TimeTrends data types (Annual, Quarterly, 13-Period, Monthly or Weekly). The direct database access and ad-hoc database creation capabilities are also available in the SQL Server Edition of TimeTrends.

About the TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse

The TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse is a powerful application for forecast creation and management, proven in both manufacturing and distribution. It features exceptional ease-of-use with a highly intuitive user interface, simple configuration and administration, and redundant task automation. Powerful querying and hierarchical capabilities focus users on the important issues in their forecast exception analysis. In addition, it easily and cost-effectively integrates into any existing management system (SCP, MRP, ERP) via its industry standard Open DataBase Connectivity. TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse is the main component of ALT−C's TimeTrends Forecasting System that also includes an optional TimeTrends e-Forecasting module for global connectivity, as well as an optional Promotions Manager module.

Pricing and Availability

TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse 4.0 is currently available directly from ALT−C, and through its reseller network. Pricing for the TimeTrends Forecasting System varies based on the number of licensed users and modules required with turnkey solutions starting at $30,000.

About ALT−C Systems Inc.

Founded in 1992, ALT−C Systems Inc. is a leader in developing advanced business forecasting software systems for mission-critical manufacturing, distribution and sales force automation environments. The company is dedicated to providing a technologically robust business forecasting solution that enables companies to create a comprehensive forecasting process - including statistical, market-driven, collaborative and S&OP - that is specifically tailored to their unique business needs. ALT−C's TimeTrends® Forecasting System is today setting new industry standards in ease-of-use, versatility and open systems-compliant data management and processing architecture, and is in use in many industries including automotive, beverage, chemical, consumer goods, electronics, food, pharmaceutical and more. ALT−C distributes its products via a direct sales force as well as an international network of Value Added Resellers (VARs).

For more information about ALT−C Systems or its products, contact the company at:

5117 Savoie,
Pierrefonds, Quebec,
Canada, H8Z 1C4
Tel: 1-888-TTRENDS (887-3637)
Fax: 514-683-6960
e-mail: ttinfo@alt-c.com
or visit the company web site at www.alt-c.com.

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