ALT−C Introduces New Version of TimeTrends®
Forecast Warehouse Software

New features and capabilities further facilitate and automate the forecasting and planning process for manufacturing and distribution environments.

Montreal, Quebec, October 23, 2000

ALT−C Systems Inc., a leader in advanced business forecasting systems for mission-critical manufacturing, distribution and sales force automation environments - announces the availability of the TimeTrends® Forecast Warehouse, version 2.5. The TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse 2.5 is a comprehensive Windows-based, ODBC-compliant forecasting and demand management software system for middle-tier manufacturing and distribution companies. It is the only product on the market today that truly enables companies to easily create a complete forecasting and planning process that is specifically tailored to their unique business process needs. Version 2.5 now includes several new enhancements that further extend the product's renowned flexibility and exceptional ease-of-use including:

  • Enhanced tools support for automation of redundant, periodic and batch operations
  • Dramatic increase in database processing speed with improved handling of user-induced errors
  • Database user filtering to manage user access to specific database objects for increased data security
  • Edit values on graphs to directly modify periodic values and notes for a more intuitive interface to the forecast

"We have a very elaborate and complex forecasting process that is quite unique to Molson, so our forecasting system has to comply precisely with what we ask it to do," said Phil Wolf, Manager, Demand Planning at Molson Breweries. "That's where the power of the TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse lies - in its flexibility to meet the needs of a client with a different set of rules. It is an amazingly stable system with a unique hierarchical approach and an extremely 'intelligent' database engine that understands how to maneuver data to maximize forecast accuracy. In addition, it enables us to very easily override any forecast, at any time, and then cascade that change up or down as required. We are also extremely impressed by ALT−C's superior service and support which makes working with this software a pleasure."

"No two companies in the real-world share the same forecasting and planning processes," said Dennis Christman, President of ALT−C Systems Inc. "That's why we built the TimeTrends Forecast System from the ground-up to be a customizable solution that allows each company to create a tailored forecasting and planning process that fits its particular business requirements. This flexibility represents the core of the product which we've augmented with an open systems-compliant data management and processing architecture, a highly intuitive, industry standard GUI, powerful built-in querying capabilities, simple configuration and administration, redundant task automation, and more." Christman continues, "With almost a decade of research into how companies manage their forecasts, this latest release demonstrates our commitment to continue making it easier for any company, regardless of industry, to create and manage its own unique forecasting and planning processes."

About ALT−C's TimeTrends Forecasting System

The TimeTrends Forecasting System includes the TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse, an optional TimeTrends e-Forecasting module and an optional Promotions module. The TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse is the main component of the system. It features an industry-standard, highly intuitive GUI, as well as a high degree of flexibility that enables users to customize the system based on their requirements. Users can choose the level of control and management of statistical methods and parameters they are most comfortable with, from complete automation for the novice user with limited statistical knowledge, to full manual control for the more experienced user. In addition, an unlimited number of hierarchies, each with unlimited levels, enable users to view the data from their preferred perspective, in the units of measure of their choice. TimeTrends also features a powerful built-in querying capability that enables forecast 'management by exception' to help the user focus on the forecasted items that require immediate attention. It is also extendable into areas such as Safety Stock, DRP, Collaborative forecasting and S&OP. TimeTrends runs on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000 and can be easily integrated into any existing management system (SCP, MRP, ERP) through industry standard Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC).

The TimeTrends e-Forecasting module is designed for Sales Force Automation and Collaborative Forecasting environments. A web-based application, it enables sales people, customers and business partners to review and collaborate in the forecasting process via a convenient browser interface. It also enables the forecaster to compare and contrast forecasts that originate from different sources via online reporting.

The TimeTrends Promotions module is designed to facilitate managing the forecasting process when the effect of promotional activity is the most significant aspect of demand. It enables users to track and predict the impacts of promotions on baseline demand before, during and after each event.

Pricing and Availability

TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse Version 2.5 is currently available directly from ALT−C and through its reseller network. Pricing for the TimeTrends Forecasting System varies based on the number of licensed users and modules required with turnkey solutions starting at $30,000.

About ALT−C Systems Inc.

Founded in 1992, ALT−C Systems Inc. is a leader in developing advanced business forecasting software systems for mission-critical manufacturing, distribution and sales force automation environments. The company is dedicated to providing a technologically robust business forecasting solution that enables companies to create a comprehensive forecasting process-including statistical, market-driven, collaborative and S&OP-that is specifically tailored to their unique business needs. ALT−C's TimeTrends® Forecasting System is today setting new industry standards in ease-of-use, versatility and open systems-compliant data management and processing architecture, and is in use in many industries including automotive, beverage, chemical, consumer goods, electronics, food, pharmaceutical and more. ALT−C distributes its product via a direct sales force as well as an international network of Value Added Resellers (VARs).

For more information about ALT−C Systems or its products, contact the company at:

5117 Savoie,
Pierrefonds, Quebec,
Canada, H8Z 1C4
Tel: 1-888-TTRENDS (887-3637)
Fax: 514-683-6960
or visit the company web site at


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