ALT−C Systems Inc. Partners With Pivotpoint

WOBURN, Mass. - July 29, 1996 -

As part of its focused efforts to provide business solutions, Pivotpoint has formed five new integration partnerships to provide comprehensive functionality. A sixth partnership, with TSI International to bundle its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions with Point.Man's, was announced in June. As part of each partnership, Pivotpoint is working with its partners' technical staff to build "out-of-the-box" integration programs prior to delivery to Point.Man customers. These additional applications are optional, based on a customer's special requirements.

Pivotpoint's new partners and their products include:

ALT−C Systems' TimeTrends® A forecasting tool for use in demand-side planning. This integrated solution will enable Point.Man users to take historical sales and shipment data, apply forecasting and seasonality algorithms to create new, more accurate production forecasts, which are then loaded into the Point.Man manufacturing applications. Improving demand forecasts enables manufacturers and distributors to optimize overall asset utilization and profitability.

Sofwave's Maincor: A preventive-maintenance package that tracks equipment maintenance timelines and contracts and offers solutions to maintenance problems such as labor and material management. This partnership will include a graphical display of the Point.Man production plan overlaid with the Maincor equipment maintenance schedule to aid customers in identifying potential schedule conflicts. By integrating Maincor with Point.Man, users can monitor and analyze the status of their significant capital investments.

Cort Directions' Payroll and Human Resources Systems: Packages that automate internal payroll and employee-benefits transactions. The Point.Man interfaces extract data from the labor distribution files to automatically feed these systems, as well as to return key financial data to Point.Man. This integration gives Point.Man customers a more cost-effective solution to manage their valuable "people" assets and bring payroll processing in-house.

Vertex's Quantum: Software and databases that automate sales- and use-tax calculation, compliance and reporting. Appropriate sales and shipment information is passed to Quantum, and the appropriate tax is calculated for invoicing. In addition, Quantum accumulates tax liability and prepares necessary tax reports. Advantages of this seamless integration include speeding order processing and customer service by automatically calculating sales and use taxes during the order-taking process, streamlining and improving the quality of a complicated task.

Evergreen Business Forms: Electronic business forms that are integrated with Point.Man and can either be printed, sent via fax or sent electronically through e-mail over the Internet and intranets. Point.Man generates forms, which Evergreen's LaserForms.Plus receives and translates into a company-specific format for laser printers or other user-specified distribution. Output can be delivered in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

"Coupled with our best-of-breed strategy, Point.Man 3.0 provides our customers with an ERP package that integrates and streamlines the numerous business processes required to run a business," said Paul Hoy, vice president for product management. "Manufacturers in the intermediate-sized market look to Pivotpoint to provide a complete business solution, and with Point.Man 3.0 we are providing more robust functionality across the enterprise. Point.Man's object-oriented architecture enables rapid development and provides a solid foundation for growth and expansion, such as our Internet-enabled applications."

For additional information on TimeTrends forecasting software, sold directly or through VARs, contact:

ALT−C Systems Inc.
5117 Savoie,
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada
H8Z 1C4,
Tel. 450-635-5404
FAX 514-685-0463


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