ALT−C Systems adds TimeTrends® Forecast Warehouse Module

MONTREAL - April 3, 1997 -

A Forecast Warehouse® Module has been been added to TimeTrends, a powerful forecasting system for the Windows operating system, by ALT−C Systems, Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Ideally suited to companies moving towards an Open Data Systems standard, as well as those seeking Year 2000 compliance in their forecast application, the Forecast Warehouse Module provides an ODBC-compliant, Internet-enabled data storage and administration environment. It is designed for Sales/Marketing, Logistics and Finance users. Utilizing 32-bit code written in Visual C++, this multi-user capable module utilizes the MS-Access (.MDB) data format as the database.

The forecasting database can be created electronically by querying any ODBC-compliant corporate or external database, whether this be an Enterprise system (ERP), MRP system, data warehouse or other, using database environments such as Oracle, SQL Server, and others.

Designed as a relational database system supporting multi-dimensional queries, the Forecast Warehouse can store not only individual item histories, forecasts, overrides, promotional information, annotations and such but also different versions of the same, along with accuracy calculations and user-defined fields containing data replicated from the host system. Users can execute pre-defined or ad-hoc SQL queries into the database to create custom views of the data, as well as create their own calculations such as days' supply, inventory stockturns, standard cost of forecast error, pro-forma revenue change and more.

Database navigation functionality includes intuitive "drag and drop" hierarchical roll-up structures and graphics. Data processing functionality such as Batch processing of forecasts is included. Users may also easily create aggregate or summary level tables as needed, to combine the power of "bottom-up" with "top-down" forecasting.

Non-specialized users or remote users may choose to use data entry forms to supply forecast-related information to the TimeTrends database. These forms can be customized using MS-Access or Lotus Notes.

The Forecast Warehouse module also offers the possibility of Internet or Intranet-enabling your application, via TimeTrends® ability to export data in HTML format. This enables remote reviewing of forecast information by management, end-users or customers.

Forecast results can be written back to the Master Production Schedule (MPS) of an MRP / ERP system, scheduling / simulation systems, financial reporting systems, corporate data warehouse or other network applications, via ODBC connection, or emulation hardware / software. Reports such as summaries, exception reports, safety stock, forecast accuracy or variance are generated using MS-Access or report writers such as Crystal Reports which use the TimeTrends® database as an OBDC data source.

Designed to run under Windows 95 or Windows NT, the software is network compatible.

For additional information on the TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse module, sold directly or through VARS, contact:

ALT−C Systems Inc.
5117 Savoie,
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada
H8Z 1C4
Tel. 450-635-5404
FAX 514-685-0463

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