ALT−C Systems releases Version 2.2 of TimeTrends® Forecast Warehouse

MONTREAL - June 30, 1999 -

ALT−C Systems, Inc. of Montreal, Quebec, Canada announces a new version of the TimeTrends® Forecast Warehouse, a powerful forecasting system for the Windows operating environment. The release of Version 2.2 marks the continued evolution and improvement of this industry-leading product, which is used to help manufacturers and distributors forecast future demand for their products and services, as well as to plan replenishment and ordering requirements.

Changes to this version are mainly geared to user interface enhancements. Users will benefit from changes such as better table handling, dynamic recalculation of table fields, visual ergonomics, more powerful graphing, expanded preferences selection capability and error tracking. Help text both on-line and in Adobe Acrobat Reader format has been updated and expanded. The new version may be downloaded by authorized users from our website.

TimeTrends continues to provide a state-of-the-art solution for forecast creation, forecast data management and administration. It adheres to the Open Data Systems standard, by storing all data in the ODBC-compliant MS-Access 97 database format. It is a multi-user system written entirely with 32-bit code in Visual C++. TimeTrends® is fully Year 2000 compliant. More details are available directly from our website.

ALT−C Systems is a leading provider of turnkey forecasting system installations for mission-critical enterprise environments. TimeTrends interfaces with most leading ERP/MRP systems such as SAP, data warehouses, scheduling or simulation systems, based on various platforms including AS/400, mainframe and UNIX, using either ASCII text or ODBC transfers. It is used in process, repetitive, and make-to-stock environments in industries such as automotive, food, beverage, chemical/pharmaceutical, industrial, electronics, textile and more. It is also used to forecast parts replacement in MRO (Maintenance & Repair) environments.

TimeTrends provides a complete data management environment for all forecast-related activities. A database is created electronically from host sources. The TimeTrends database is a relational structure including individual item histories, forecasts, overrides, promotional information and annotations, along with accuracy calculations and user-defined fields containing data replicated from the host system. The system supports multi-dimensional queries, pre-defined or ad-hoc SQL queries into the database to create custom views of the data, as well as user-defined calculations such as daysą supply, inventory stockturns, replenishment requirements, ordering requirements, pro-forma revenue change and more. Reports such as summaries, exception reports, safety stock, forecast accuracy or variance are generated using MS-Access or report writers such as Crystal Reports which use the TimeTrends database as an OBDC data source. Data from within the TimeTrends database may also be extracted into applications such as Excel and Visual Basic.

Designed to run under Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT, the software is network compatible.

For additional information on TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse, sold directly or through VARS, contact:

ALT−C Systems Inc.
5117 Savoie,
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada
H8Z 1C4
Tel. 450-635-5404
FAX 514-685-0463

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