TimeTrends® Version 1.20 Released

MONTREAL - August 5, 1996 -

TimeTrends Version 1.2, a powerful yet easy-to-use forecasting system for the Windows operating system that provides all the tools needed to forecast time series data, has been introduced by ALT−C Systems, Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Ideal for sales/marketing, production/inventory control, and MRP specialists, the software is designed to make forecasting easier for the beginner and more effective for the expert.

The TimeTrends software enables the user to create time series data, generate ad-hoc statistical forecasts, perform data manipulation, produce graphics, and do import/export. It brings ease of use to statistical forecasting while not limiting the experienced user. It also overcomes the limitations sometimes associated with statistics by allowing the user to override to account for real-life events.

Time series data are created by manual entry of historical values, pasting from other Windows applications like spreadsheets, or ASCII import. Data types supported are weekly, monthly, 13-period, quarterly, or annual. Data can be viewed graphically or in spreadsheet-like tables which include the historical data, trend, fitted, seasonality information, override, and user annotations.

The user has a choice of 13 statistical methods to best reflect the data. Trend extrapolation and curve fitting methods are included. If a simpler approach is needed, three "naive" techniques are available, including a new item forecast. The AutoSelect option automatically suggests the forecast method and parameters that minimize the mean absolute percent error (MAPE). Seasonality is calculated automatically and can be optionally used with any of the methods.

Several mathematical data manipulation and formatting tools and techniques are available. Standard statistical measures are calculated on all forecasts to allow more experienced users to judge the validity of their assumptions. These measures include r-squared, MAD, standard deviation, and others.

Once a forecast has been generated, it can be overridden period by period or entirely. Presentation-quality MDI graphics provide a visual display of the forecast.

Designed to run on Windows 3.1 or higher, Windows 95, or Windows NT, the software is network compatible. Hardware requirements are an IBM or compatible PC, 386SX or higher, with 4MB RAM minimum (8MB RAM recommended).

For additional information on the TimeTrends Version 1.2 forecasting software, sold directly or through VARs, contact:

ALT−C Systems Inc.
5117 Savoie,
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada
H8Z 1C4
Tel. 450-635-5404
FAX 514-685-0463
e-mail ttinfo@alt-c.com.


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